Take it no-one felt the earth quake then??

    Earth Quake of 3.6 oop north.


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    Needless to say i didn't as i'm no where near.

    Felt nothing

    i thought my bed moved for other reasons, lol

    Another one! looks like the North/south divide might become a physical reality!

    nowt here in preston....

    nowt in donny


    nowt in dewsbury!

    ooooh syzy baby you said you wouldn't tell

    Nowt in north Yorkshire.


    Nowt in north Yorkshire.

    nowt and yorkshire in the same sentence, who'd have thunk it

    Felt it and heard it in York.

    Apparently it was felt in my town, but I felt nowt.

    so could be a bit of bull from the person who said it/hysteria or i'm numb X)
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    Felt nothing

    You need a new bf.

    I remember when we had an earthquake before, my Mother started screaming as she thought someone was under her bed! oO

    felt nowt in Rochdale

    nothing in sheffield but i have friends in leeds who felt it. i never feel the earth move!

    Felt it in Sheffield. My room swayed. I thought it was the wine.




    Nah - Bradford already looked like that dude.

    Felt nothing, Dam, Could be the beginning of the end...........

    Thats nothing, Live in japan for a year, then you get some good earthquakes

    Middlesbrough, felt nothing

    felt it in Mansfield


    nowt in dewsbury!

    missus felt it thought it was a boy racer going past with.stereo up live near hospital


    You need a new bf.

    I need a bf full stop!

    nothing in north east lincolnshire

    oop north lol!


    nowt here .. there might be some activity unless the BT and Pipex sort out my phone line which is dead ..

    Friends and relatives in Thirsk felt it but nothing where I am


    felt it in Mansfield

    You sure, I'm in Mansfield and felt nothing.
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