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    I'm so excited about the take that concerts that have just been announced, the tickets go on sale tomorrow has anybody got any tips on how to make sure i get some. I'm going to try on line but my computer has a habit of crashing at the most inappropriate times

    UPDATE got them really excited thanks for the advice everybody


    get 30+ friends all trying to get the tickets at the same time as you.

    wait until the last couple of days before the concert for ebay panic selling or at the venue on the night. as i mentioned in an earlier thread, I've been to several sold-out concerts where tickets were passing hands at double face-vale until the week before and always paid below face value this way - bob dylan was the last

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    lol well there will ony be 3 of us trying

    'a friend of mine' camped to get front row last time :oops:

    although this time they are general admission so really no need for panic

    i want tickets too!!!xxxx

    now this is my kinda thread

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    Don't think i'll sleep tonight, wish i could camp out but having 2 babies stops that

    well i'll advise you to be on the page you want about 8.55 and keep refreshing until 9 o clock. Whatever site you're using make sure you are a member and all your address and payment details are pre-registered so you dont have to type them in and waste time, you'll just have to make sure you log-in before 9!!! you should be fine! xxx

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    thanks clarelouise i'm a orange member at gigs and tours do you think i should get them from there because they have all my card details

    if its quicker than, say, ticketmaster then yeah, its so much easier and quicker if you dont have to enter all your details!

    Do what is said, also keep refreshing up to 9am. They usually release them early usually 8.56/57

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    i dont know never tried it before, ticketmaster don't have the manchester concerts on their website anyway, gigs and tours on orange still have oasis tickets don't know if that ones sold out yet, thanks snare loving your pic from a hull girl

    I'll be trying too missed out last time, was a bit miffed they wernt on the Orange pre order tho pah!!!!

    I think ill be on all 3 pages who are the officiall outlets and ill be loading the pages early then refreshing constantly to get on but be warned the comeback tour i tried online I got right to confirm clicked it then the server went down so I never got them!! :cry: luckily I got them on the fone!!

    Should i be telling you my ticketing tips lol surley decreases my chances!! remember to keep calm tho becasue they dont always sell out look at oasis and i imagine they have already agreed to extra dates they would love you to beleive they do it because they were shocked that they wer sold so quick!! just think they cant get the stadium from a 2 min fonecall at 10am on a sunny fri morn!!

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    lol foxy got my friend on the phone as well fingers crossed for us we had to pay on ebay last year
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