Taking a DJI drone on board an Aircraft (Jet2 European Flight)

Posted 21st Feb 2022
Has anyone had any experience travelling with a drone on an aircraft ?
I am travelling with Jet2 in Europe, i was thinking of taking a mavic mini 2 combo with a few batteries (in its original case) and was wondering if they allow drones on board and if so do they have to go in the cabin with you or in hold luggage ?
I have googled and getting conflicting reports so was wondering if anyone has any actual experience they could share - Thanks
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    I took my Dji mini 2 to Belfast went through security at Birmingham no problem. In my carry on luggage that was. (edited)
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    I'd be more concerned with regulations of where you're visiting. But yes cabin luggage is probably fine.
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    I came through Jersey a few months ago with a Accuforce Direct Drive PRO2 and Cube Controls wheel as my hand luggage - Did that get closely examined or what
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    Most airlines have a total watt hour limit for batteries that you can take on board, but the Mini 2 batteries are tiny, so unless you have something like 10 batteries then it'll be fine.
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