Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 20 m ago)
I’m going to France and would like to take my dog, getting really confused with what I need regarding dog passport etc anyone done this and able to give me a heads up?
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    Also make sure that you’ve taught her to bark in French. Nothing more irritating than when Brits just assume that foreign dogs will bark in English.
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    I think you would also need to get the dog wormed by a French vet before returning to the UK.

    We got our cats EU passports from our French vet. They have more travel rights than we do now! Thanks Brexit /s
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    There is no passports anymore but you need to go to a vet, have a rabies jab and a health certificate. This is around £250 and is a one trip thing apart from the rabies. Whole thing is a con.
    Thank you, might have to leave her behind..... (edited)
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    Thanks everyone for the comments looks like too much hassle and a more expensive than I thought so she’ll have to stay behind.
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