taking advantage to media centre via xbox

    just rigged up the xbx to laptop for media centre but really need to know the advantages
    it says about streaming media tv tuners etc etc but whats the point if the tv aerial goes straight to the tv anyway?
    is it any different than just rigging up the laptop straight to the tv?
    many thanks


    If you can rig the laptop upto the tv, There isn't a difference. (Well tell a lie, The laptop is better, More file formats!!)

    The idea of the XBMC is to stream down DIVX, AVI's etc...

    I am streaming video to Xbox from NAS and also from satellite receiver - very handy

    I stream saved TV episodes from my PC hard drive.

    I stream TV, movies and music to my 360 from the Hard Drive and then just clear them off when watched. Saves wasting time burning them.
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