taking children to see toy story i Apollo cinema, anyone know how much 3d glasses are there?

    as above, we can get in for family ticket cost for 2 adults and 2 children but wondering how much the 3d glasses were going to cost extra?? Thanks in advance x


    think they are £3

    Are £1 at Odeon. Should be the same.

    You could go into an Odeon and buy if they are cheaper there.

    to be honest i dont think watching it in 3d was worth the extra money when i went to watch it.

    ^^ couldn't agree less, the 3d really makes this film. Yes there are is no objects flying out of the screen to amaze you but I don't think that's what 3d is about now as that has been done before. It's about the depth of picture and the way it brings the film to life. Trust me if you watch the film in 2d it is nowhere near as good. If you can afford it go 3d.

    Got to disagree with that one and I am not a usual 3D fan but I thought it was great in 3D just gave it an added dimension literally. Only my opinion though and I am a lousy critic.
    Kids will love it.

    At our Apollo the 3D glasses are £1.85

    I won't go and see 3D films because I wear glasses anyway and will therefore look like a nit

    in Leeds you pay an extra £2 for the ticket and get "free" glasses with a bin at the exit for you to put your glasses back in if you like ( or keep them cos they're cool )
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