Taking Jeans in at the waist

    I've a pair of Carter Jeans which I got a bit ago but have never worn, but their Waist is too big, its 36" and I'm a 32"

    No idea why I got them, came across them today in a bag.

    Is there a way to take the waist in at all without wrecking them? I was thinking stitching sort of half a cm quite a few times at evenly spaced intervals around the waist but not sure if this would work.

    If not I will probably just try and sell them, was a month or two ago and I've no idea where the recipt was so cant take them back or exchange



    Take them to a dressmakers and have them altered professionally, best way!

    eat 34 big macs

    Original Poster

    I will try popping them into somewhere tomorrow before football and see what they say, I'm tempted to have a go myself just taking them in at the back abit, they are quite a slim fit so dont look baggy at all when I help them tighter.

    Noooo! Havent eaten McDonalds for ages, I hate fast food

    you're need to have an elastic strip sewn into the inside of the waistband with buttons so it'd tighten up without altering the look of the jeans as much as possible.........

    not worth it imo.. xx

    If you are good with a sewing machine, you need to make 2 darts evenly spaced from the waistband to the hip over the area near the pockets on the back, tack them first for fit. If you are not confident pin them first and take them to be altered, get an estimate first though.
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