Taking medication through Gatwick

Found 20th Apr 2014
My mum and my brother are travelling from Gatwick on holiday this weekend and they both have lots of medication to take with them.

Tablets as well as liquid medicine. Are they ok to take this with them on to the plane? Will they be questioned about the liquid medicine or the many tablets?

They normally put this in their hold luggage but I am concerned that their luggage may go missing and they will have no medication so I want them to take it on board with them.
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If they have proscription medication then there should be no issue. They can explain it to the authority and they should allow. I never had any issue with prescription meds.
all airlines I know advice you to take at least essential medication in hand baggage

prescription meds should be OK if their name is in the containers. They may be asked to taste the liquids

safest bet is to get a letter from their doctor listing the meds they are on - but that may not be feasible

If they take a repeat prescription they will have no problem. Just say at checkin they hav medication.
When I traveled recently with my husband he has a lot of medication to take daily we had to get a letter from his gp or consultant to say what medication he has and how many he has to take a day.
Just stick it all in the case, check it in and have a good holiday. It's unlikely they'll be stopped and if they are, and if they have controlled substances, providing the prescription label is on the packets then there won't be any problems.
I needed a copy of my repeat prescriptions from my GP and put all my meds in clear, zip lock bags,in their original packets, bottles and containers, which included liquids, and 2 EpiPens for my inflight journey. They were scanned and I was given a body check just next to the scanner but I was fine to take them through & they didn't even check my prescriptions even though I offered them.
Get a copy of their medications and ensure names are on the bottles etc, but make sure you make them aware that these ARE 'what the doctor prescribed' and just ensure you get the paperwork and it'll be fine!!
There are no restrictions on taking tablets in hand luggage it is only liquids. As they are prescribed medicines it will not be an issue as long as their prescription label is on the bottle. They must be put into a clear 20cm x 20cm sealable bag when they go in their hand luggage and put into the scanner tray out of their hand luggage when they go through security. Each person is allowed a maximum of one litre in total of liquids in hand luggage but each bottle is not to be over 100ml unless it is prescribed. Do however be aware that if they are going to certain countries ie Dubai there are restrictions about what medications can be brought in. HTH
I take meds with me in my hand luggage and it contains vials of water. I normally tell the check in desk and when I go through security and I have a letter saying I need this medication and never had a problem. Not once been stopped and queried. I don't take the vials out of their boxes to put in a separate clear bag or anything.
So been through Gatwick and no problem. On the way back had to stop over at Frankfurt and they asked to open the case because of the liquid bottle. They then put the bottle through on its own after examining it.

Conclusion, best put the bottle separate so they don't need to go through your case at security.
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