Taking my car over to Germany, any tips?

    I'm going over to Germany on Thursday, taking the car onto a ferry at Rosyth (north of Edinburgh) down to Zeebrugge. This is the first time I've had the car abroad, I've only driven hire cars so I'm a little wary - I have the headlight deflectors, insurance certificate (which covers EU), a warning triangle, hi-vis jacket, jump leads, tyre pump, passport, driving license and my ferry tickets. Popping into town tomorrow to get some euros, anyone have any recommendation for driving in Germany?



    I'm sure their are plenty of tips in Germany. Too embarrassing to dispose of in the UK?

    i would get international rescue too, no not thunderbirds but some aa or rac cover etc for the time your away, it could save you a mint

    I used to live in Germany, so these tips should help you:

    1. EVERY TIME, before you move off, say to yourself "right right right", to remind yourself which side of the road you should be driving on.

    2. Make sure you understand the rules about priority. Basically, if you're approaching a junction & you see a yellow diamond on a signpost then you have right of way at the junction - if you don't see a diamond then you have to give way to the right.

    3. You MUST indiciate when changing direction by junctions, even if you are staying on the main road (e.g. the road ahead bends to the right, and there's a junction straight ahead - you must indicate if you are staying on the main road, otherwise you are telling other road users that you intend to go straight on, taking the junction in front of you).

    4. If you indicate, then other drivers will act on your indication - so if you indicate to turn right but drive straight on (or vice versa) & you cause an accident then you are to blame.

    5. Do not be afraid! It's basic common sense - just take things a bit easier, & watch & learn from the other cars.

    6. If you use unleaded petrol then fill up with 'Bleifrei'.

    Drive really really fast on the Autobahns :thumbsup:

    i just came back from germany and my advice is to add about 3 hours onto whatever your sat nav says.. after food/petrol/rests/missed turns/bathroom breaks you dont arrive on time!:thumbsup:


    Don´t do it they shot mt grandad

    I heard that in some countries your hi-viz jacket needs to be on the back of your seat so that the police can see that you have one...


    I heard that in some countries your hi-viz jacket needs to be on the back … I heard that in some countries your hi-viz jacket needs to be on the back of your seat so that the police can see that you have one...

    when i was in France the owner of the villa i was renting told me the jacket had to be accessible i.e. not in the boot. this could be true or untrue but might be worth checking out

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    Thanks for all the useful information, the ferry company were supposed to send GB stickers but they haven't so bought one today as well as a first aid kit. Apparently there's nothing official about putting the hi-vis jacket in the car but it seems a sensible place to put it so I'll put in the back of the seat. I've dug out my V5 as recommended in one of the links.

    Will have a good read through the driving advice to take it in properly.


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    Made it back in one piece, didn't get pulled over in Germany at all but at least I had everything in the car if needed. Rather oddly there wasn't even checks when going onto the Nurburgring, just bought a ticket and drove straight on. Driving on the right wasn't quite as bad as I expected with the only problem being getting stuck behind a harvester I just couldn't stay past with which I just waited until it took a different road.

    Ironically I was pulled over just after leaving the ferry and had my car checked inside and out while getting a barrage of questions but aside from some my camera equipment raising a few questions I eventually made it away.

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