Taking my MacBook Pro into Apple Store...

Found 3rd Oct 2010
...to be repaired on warranty (2010 13" 2.4). Always white screens whenever I plug it into a 1080p monitor while I dual monitor with the laptop screen. Long story short, if they offer a replacement like they apparently do, then what's the chance of getting a refund and/or store credit instea if I asked for it? No rude/smart answers please, would spend the money on a Mac Mini or an iMac as I don't need the portability and do want 2x full size monitors plugged in. Thanks. Yes I know the t+cs say that it up to Apple but if anyone has a success story then let me know. Thanks!
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You could always ask. They could only say no.
They usually repair macbooks not exchange them...
I doubt it but there is no harm in asking.
If you are after another Apple product maybe asking for a swap would be better than asking for a refund, as then they know your money will be kept within the company and they are not losing out they might be more flexible.

They usually repair macbooks not exchange them...

True, but I think if you have 3 faults then you can ask for a replacement, but I don't know anything about the OP's mac.
I'll certainty ask what my options are. Thanks.
They do not replace unless you have had the same fault occur 3 times and they could not repair...They only exchange iPod,iphones etc straight away as they do not repair them instore

On the rare occasion this happens they always swap for the same unit.
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