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Taking tablets on an aeroplane

Posted 25th Aug 2013
I take a hayfever tablet daily (not prescribed by doctor) and my son takes one fish oil tablet a day and a Vitamin C one - will we be able to take these on board a plane with us when going on holiday, or will they only accept tablets etc if prescribed by a doctor? I have just been given a prescription for travel pills for my son as well which I was planning to take with us. Just wondering about paracetamol as well - are you able to take those on board? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
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we have taken a variety of tablets and never been questioned
How times have changed, from the question I was rdy to answer about electronic tablets rather than medication.

Hayfever tablets and vit c are not going to cause suspicion , although ensure they are kept within their packaging(doubt u need the box),
If you are worried about it though, put it all in your suitcase.
Hold luggage doesn't have rly any limitations except for the obvious - explosives, poison etc.
I think as long as they are in their original packaging, you should be fine. If worried, maybe get a letter from your GP to cover yourself.

Found this on Luton Airport website

Q. Can I take all of my tablets in my hand luggage or must they go in the hold luggage?

You will be allowed to take all your tablets with you, in your hand luggage. As with other medicines it should be properly marked with a professionally printed label identifying the medication and manufacturer's name or pharmaceutical label.
I've never had a problem, when I went to India, I took a mini chemist.
I take a few different tablets including cod liver oil, none in packaging, all in a little tupperware, basically three tablets a day. Have done for years, never been questioned.
Yep - no problems at all, I work in an airport. As long as it's not liquids they generally don't care what's in it.
only issues to consider are the contents and where you are going. for example codeine is legal here yet illegal in Greece and dubai so you cant bring it with you. so check the contents of the paracetamol or cold and flu tablets
most things are fine espcially if just going in europe else where and im surprised those aiport sites and staff working there dont know this and advise accordingly

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You do not need a GP letter. UK airports have the relevant staff to check medicines. Taking Codine in and out of Dubai can cause a lot of problems.
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