Taking the front wheel off of a Quinny Buzz pushchair?

    I'm trying to fit a shopping basket on my buggy which requires taking the front wheel off....I'm stumped!!! Does anyone pleeeease know how you get it off????!!!

    Rep for any helpers :))


    there is a black bit underneth that use push and slide the wheel forward.

    there should be a metal stud that you push in before you pull the wheel off .. if you look at figure 2 it might help…pdf

    push the metal stud in all the way and be really careful of your finger when you pull the wheel out.

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    Thank you all so much for your replies Well I must have completely lost it cos I still can't get it?!!! Kassy - I looked at those instructions and can't find it from that. I just can't find what it is I need to push? There's the two black buttons on the front wheel pole - you know, up a bit. So I push them together? And then is there something ON or under the actual wheel part that I need to push too?

    It's driving me mad!!

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    Panic over...I did it!! Flipping 'eck - It was like Rocket science!! Of course it's simple now I

    Thanks for all of your help :thumbsup:


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