Taking Up Running Need Gear Advice

    Hi there, i'm planning on taking up running as I really feel I need some cardio as part of my workouts.I only plan on doing around 30-40 mins at a time for the fitness, I don't see it becoming a hobby.
    So I started to read up on it given that i'd need some apparel including shoes etc and it feels like i'm just bombarded with information on running gaits,correct clothing,having your stride checked etc.
    Is all this really necessary if I just plan on doing a local run around the streets nearby?

    Any advice welcome, Cheers


    just get a pair of running shoes that allow your feet to "breathe" and just do some running - no need for clothing strides etc if its not for a hobby or serious. Just try to keep a constant speed otherwise your running might turn into fartlek training. :thumbsup:

    Also the shoes are only as a recommend as your feet sweat less in these thus reducing the risk of athletes foot. :thumbsup:

    You need a good strong pair of legs

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    Cool, so when people talk about gaits etc it's only if you're taking it serious etc and planning to do 10k's etc?

    If you are running for 30 - 40 minutes. You will probably be covering around 5 miles. So trainers are important. Try a few pairs on first. I swear by Asics. Previous models can be found cheap at websites such as Start Fitness.

    And in terms of clothes. If you have any football shirts, these are ideal. Just try to avoid cotten t shirts

    Definately the trainers are the most important thing

    You can google a running schedule.

    When I first started I couldn't run a minute without feeling like I was dying - it was really hard, but over the weeks I built up until I could run for an hour.

    I would also say i a water bottle that you can hold easily during the run.

    Good luck,

    Hey hun if you need to ask anything, feel free to PM me. I used to do running , my husband still does and hes compeleted 4 flora London Marathons.

    He knows his stuff and will advise you .

    Good Luck and well done.
    Hope you get the * runners high*

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    Thanks appreciate it.

    Sportsdirect is good for cheap running clothes.
    I also got a good waterbottle that goes around your waist for about £3.

    Running shoes: I got a £30 pair of adidas from LaRedoute that have served my well.
    I would suggest that if its just a few miles a week you dont need a gait assesment.
    I think they are £20 a go unless you buy runners from them.

    definately buy a decent pair of trainers, it costs nothing to go into a specialist running shop to have your feet measured and look at the stock, try some trainers on.
    i personnally like brooks or asics but find them much cheaper online.
    i would not buy a pair mail order or online if i hadn't tried them on somewhere first.
    generally clothing type is unimportant for casual jogging.
    if you are running in the evening i would strongly reccommend you visit sportsworld and buy a flourescent jacket.

    i dont run, but jog. very important you wear some lightweigh clothing that keeps you warm - spotsshoes etc. extra weight eg; hoodies, jacket tie, you down.
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