Taking up Sky BB offer in wife's name as I am exisiting customer

Found 21st Apr 2017
Hello fellow HKUD:

I took up the MSE Sky BB offer last year and want to avail it this yr when my contract is up in my wife's name:

1) I will use my wife's details but since we have same surname and address will it be an issue? Any tips anyone used?
2) So in sequence I am guessing I get the Sky deal first using my wife's details and give notice to cancel. Can someone kind elaborate please? For example if I was given an activation date for new deal May 1,2017 when should I tell Sky I want to cancel?

Thanks in advance
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You can do it in your own name if you add a middle initial.

Name needs to be close enough to pass a credit check, but not exact enough to be seen as a duplicate account.

Have done this myself.
I ended up doing this in the same name. I got round it by using a slightly different address- i added our house "name" to the excisting address which was initially only using the number. So number "1 High Street", became "Midland House, 1 High Street" etc. As the application was all done online, their system didnt pick it up.
You would need to give at least 28 days notice that you are cancelling your contract prior to the new activation date...personally I left one whole week between but thats without BB which is generally essential. With regards to my address it was a case of slightly editing it manually as opposed to accepting the postcode search facility...ie: 24 became 24a ... Hope this helps
Major consideration: it is highly unlikely that service transition bewtween two unrelated accountholders would be seemless, unless the new accountholder requested (and presumably pay for) an additional line to be installed, nor would the new accountholder inherit the same landline number. This is because you are suggesting the original accountholder is giving notice to teminate the exisiting services, not transfer the services to a new accountholder. The typical minimum downtime would be two weeks from coincident date of termination and request of new account / services. It may be prudent to contact Sky and specifically ask the question "if I was about to move home to an address that had existing Sky landline and broadband, how long would it take you to supply functional Sky services to me at that address, and when should I give you my instruction to commence those services in my name".
you should ring them first, armed with better competitor deals to see what you can get. Most seem to report 50-75% off the increased price according to the sky thread in misc.

Thanks for your reply guys.

Ok if I were to apply for the deal changin my details, would I have to cancel my exisiting deal?
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