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Found 13th Mar
After failing to negotiate a half decent deal with Sky this year, I have terminated my contract with them . Currently paying £30 to sky and that's going up to £52, best they offered was £39 on a deal .
I am now looking at what seem to be a rather good deal with Talk Talk. Phone line with calling features, Standard Broadband and TV with £70 cashback via Topcashback. for £24 per month
The only thing putting me off is everywhere I look I see poor reviews for Talk Talk. Just wondering about people experiences that have or have had deals or services with Talk Talk.
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TalkTalk are fine when running OK. Get an issue and they are an absolute nightmare. Just avoid.
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The combination of "I have terminated my contract with them" and mention of phoneline indicates that any new service down the same line will likely involve 2+ wks of no service during the period of cessation & re-provision, whereas a simple takeover/changeover of provider will involve near-zero interruption of service.
just be careful that you dont end up with a 38mb max fibre product as they still advertise that when most service providers are offering 52mb or 76mb download
You have to speak as you find. I joined TT 6 weeks ago in spite of the poor reviews. The transfer of phone and fibre went like clockwork. I had one issue where I had to contact TT and the call queue was short, the call handler didn't fully understand the issue, but promised to investigate and call back. She did so. Our broadband service is now excellent, well within the contact min speeds. Many negative comments are made about the stock Huawei modem/router. I was very surprised to find that it gave wifi coverage in our large house better than the previous 3 suppliers. I get the feeling that Customer Service could be the weak link, but so far, so good. I would also say that online tech. support for more complicated issues like settings for setting up wifi printers, is pretty limited.
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Been with them for a good few years and as OBH6UK says, they're fine till u have an issue.
I've been with them for two years - couple of times the broadband has dropped, once I lost the phone line but they sorted the the issue pretty quickly (within two days), so I'm satisfied that they've done a reasonable job so far.

BB speed is better and more consistent than BT, I wouldn't mind upgrading to the fibre optic, but need to check it's in my area.
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Thank You for your responses they have been very helpful. The majority seem to suggest that Talk Talk is fine when up and running, but quite poor if you have a problem.
On that basis I may decide to take a chance on them and hope everything works ok.
I've been with TT for 5 years now, had a few problems always been sorted out but after numerous phonecalls but they'be always given me amazing deals after screw ups so i'm content pity they are stopping the mobile services
I have also been with Talk Talk for 5 years never had any real problems a couple of small issues which were always sorted out for the price compared to the others i am very happy
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