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Found 2nd Aug
havung just cancelled sky - iv seen talk talk have a good package what are people’s thoughts and reviews please on the tv package? Thanks
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Get the popcorn ready for this one

just open open up any of the threads on here, deals or discussions and you will not bother.
AVOID ,AVOID, AVOID! TalkTalk are abysmal. I'll never go with them again after years of endless hassle with worse-than-useless call-centre staff.
Avoid talk talk like the plague. Ive been with them and even paid early to get out my contract they were that bad.
I like talk talk but there first album was definitely there best one .
My worst internet provider to date, I dreaded calling the call centre trying to explain the constant problems I had with my service, you just could not reason or get through to the staff who could only provide scripted answers, I was so glad I moved home and just binned the router, just did not have the patience to ring them again to explain I needed out of contract or taking them to my new property as I knew they would also balls that up.
Talk Talk is atrocious. Do not be fooled by the prices. You really get what you pay for with them. Believe me.
Damn u guys hate TalkTalk it’s not that bad . On my phone 30-40 /s and power line on Xbox / pc gives 60-70 . They do deliver on what speeds they promised . And it’s like £25 for top package ( with line )
Bottom of the reliability surveys every year by a wide margin

You have been warned
OoEliteoO10 h, 31 m ago

I like talk talk but there first album was definitely there best one .

The missus was with Talk Talk before I moved in with her. The connection kept cutting out literally every 5 minutes and the router would reset itself... As you can imagine, very frustrating.
We told them that we couldn't pay for a service that we couldn't use and only then did they send an engineer out to fix the fault... Lo and behold as soon as he left, the connection kept dropping again.
Personally, I would avoid.
squiff2 m ago


Sorry didn't realise this forum was a test of grammar and spelling !
OoEliteoO34 s ago

Sorry didn't realise this forum was a test of grammar and spelling !

Well, it is, and welcome :P
I live in central london and i must say talk talk have been amazing. Never had a problem. 80mbs lined easy.
Hope the op has taken notice.
I'm happy with Talk Talk, speeds are better and more consistent than BT at least.

I did get one moron when I had to phone up support, but ended up fixing it myself.
I’ve got talktalk and Cant really fault them. Internet speeds are slow in my area but I’ve better than what sky provided us with. And talktalk are so much cheaper than them.
Been with talktalk for at least a decade possible longer and never had a problem, did have a youview box stop working but that's not their fault. Did have an issue when dealing with them for a deaf neighbor, but was sorted on a second forceful (on my part) call.
I have always managed to switch to their best deals, currently getting faster fibre for £22.50 for 24 months and sky sports for £8.50 a month till the end of January plus have a free sim (sim will cost £3 from September due to them joining forces with O2) I get my sky entertainment and cinema through nowtv as it only cost me a few pounds that way.
In short I would recommend them.
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