talk talk broadband connection

    Mrs saxos mum (the auld mither in law) is having trouble connecting to the broadband, they did have just a normal modem but the boyfriend went and bought a Netgear Wireless router,
    when i went down to connect it (had to take down a bloomin filter as there wasnt one in the box *very strange*) the only light that was on was the power light.....

    I know i could have just connected up the modem to see if it was on but the comp was up 3 flights of stairs and thats why they needed the wireless, the only connection for the phone was down the stairs ground floor

    Things is tho im sure there getting free broadband anyway with there payments every month, is there anyway to sort this? or is the best thing to do is phone a foreign worker that you cant understand lol

    thanks for any help


    are you sure u put all the settings in your router correctly? And talk talk wont help you as you are not using their standard modem.

    It sounds to me like they don't have broadband.

    They might "qualify" for free broadband, but the line still has to be enabled before they can use it. The fact that they only get one light on the router pretty much confirms it, as they would get a "link" light if there was indeed an enabled line.

    I would get them to ring the broadband provider and confirm that they have broadband.

    Did they buy a ADSL compatible Wireless router???


    It sounds to me like they don't have broadband..

    Agreed, sounds like they are still on Dial - Up.;-)

    Did you recieve a go live date? You shouldnot try to connect to your interent before that.
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