Talk Talk doesn't always load pages... why? (There helpline is awful)

    As title really.

    Some pages will load but certain sites let you get nowhere.

    btinternet, myspace, facebook, ebay are the worst.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    I am with talktalk, first 6month they were really bad, they ok now, I agree there helpline is V poor.

    Do you think it might be your computer, due to some settings you have on there, I dont think its talktalk. Have you tried clearing the catch and everything


    tick all boxes and press ok.

    it could also be the settings on your router not allowing you to visit certian sites

    get rid of talktalk stop your payments and tell them to cut it. just really push over your limits and so on so they are forced to let you go.

    Can you log onto MSN?

    I had a similar problem with AOL a few years back and it was to do with the MTU setting on the router.

    It may need to be set up to a higher no expert but try searching google for talk talk MTU setting or something....HTH

    Exactly the same thing was asked yesterday.…851

    My post (the last one!) should help you out. :thumbsup:
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