Posted 9th Jan 2022
My current deal expires next month, I think its the 26th of Feb. So my first question is when can I leave without being charged? And what are talk talk like to haggle with? I've never really had a problem with the service but just found a cheaper deal elsewhere.
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    Broadband dosnt have a month period before contract end that you can switch from like Gas/Elec, but any early termination charges if the switch goes through before the end date should just be the normal cost for those days - check the contract
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    You could try the retentions number, but from experience, TalkTalk are pretty painful to haggle with by phone (though, it's probably dependent on when you phone and who you talk to).

    From a Talktalk forum post about a year ago - retentions are open 7:00PM Monday to Friday and 6:00PM on Saturday on 0345 172 5157 (though, from my notes, I phoned 0345 172 0088 back in September).

    If you go onto your online account (removing all ad blockers if you have any), you should get through to Live Chat during office hours. I find that a bit less painful than a phone call.

    As of September 2021, I'm on Fibre 65 and Unlimited UK Calls for £21 a month, and I have the newer Sagemcom F@ast 5634 router.

    I always set a calendar reminder to let me know when to phone back - I always phone back after a year, even if they try to palm me off with an 18 month contract.
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    I always and more importantly successfully haggle with TalkTalk. Ask to be put through to Loyalty, you’ll be asked why and say your deal is coming to an end , you’ve been with them x years and don’t really want to leave.
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    Been with talk talk for 10 years and always go through to retention team when my contract is finishing and always managed to haggle a good deal with them hence why I’ve been with them as a customer for so long now!
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    Last year was 15 year with Talk Talk.
    Asked for a new deal, was £19.50 for basic fibre and no calls.
    They offered the same for £33.00, at which point I told them to get fXXXXd.
    Now on 65mbps and free land line and mobile calls with now broadband for £22 and waiting for £110 Quidco.
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    I got a good offer only when I started the switch process. I have the 150 Mbps connection and went down from £27 to £23. No calls included though but no price increases as well during the 18-month contract even for inflation.
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    Have just left for Vodafone after many years with them. I phoned and told them what I was doing and asked them to match but they would not. They did call later to offer to price match but never called back as we were in the car.
    I would have stayed had they just matched the Vodafone advertised price.
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    After my price changed to £26 for 65mb BB, I spoke to the retention team who matched the £20 a month deal with now/Vodafone, pretty painless and happy to stay as they've always been reliable since I've been with them.
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