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Found 22nd Oct 2010
anyone seen TalkTalk's new offer, last week they had £30 cashback, altho you had to pay a £29,99 connection fee lol,

today they have a new offer free connection, but funnily enough they have dropped the £30 cashback lol,

they must think we are thick lol

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they must think we are thick lol

Problem is, most consumers are.

avoid talk talk like the plague, they just screwed up everyones emails and all their call centres are indians talking pigeon english.

Every broadband company has good and bad reviews, no one will have a 100% happy customer base.

I've been with them for ages, actually they've been my only broadband provider, and can't fault them. As long as you read the small print and are aware of when they sneak prices up, and don't get talked into switching to a 'better' service over the phone, you're all right. They recently tried to switch me to a 'new improved' plan, but it would have meant I lost the free landline calls anytime (now unavailable to new customers) - failed to mention that at the time!
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