Talk to me about buying a new (used) car please - novice alert!

Posted 20th Jun 2021
We're thinking of going car shopping tomorrow and have our eyes on a Toyota Prius and a Hyundai Ioniq (hoping to view both with a view to finding out more before purchasing one or the other, if any!).

We need it for the two of us and our baby, so must be 5-door as we'd struggle to get baby in and out of the car seat in the back otherwise. Good-sized boot for pram & shopping etc. We both want a hybrid as they are more economical and environmentally friendly. Electric is out for now as there aren't many places to charge close to where we live except where my partner works and a shopping centre in the city.

Neither of us have ever bought a new (used) car before so what should we be asking please? We're potentially spending a lot of money here (to us and to most people I should imagine) and can't afford to get this too badly wrong!

Thank you.
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