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Talk21 email account - can anyone direct me to some help?

Posted 15th Mar 2013
Does anyone remember them?!

My Mum still has her original email account from years and years ago....it was a talk21 account. Eventually they were sold to BT , and became a paid service. Mum has been paying for her @talk21 email address for all these years (!!).

She has just changed her bank account and the details weren't switched across as part of her switching service...so she now has no way of knowing who/how to pay. She also doesn't know what will happen if she stops paying.

She phoned BT and they had no idea what she was talking about, and they patronisingly suggested perhaps she had a talktalk account instead...

Can anyone point me in the right direction here please?

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I think it was taken over by BT Yahoo. Looking at the web there are many people having problems with this.
The following link for a BT broadband login help page, may offer a phone number you can try to resolve your problem?

To be honest my wife and daughter use talk21 email, and have never paid BT for the service, but we are on BT broadband.
Interesting I use talk21 for years to this day still.

No issues, however I never subscribed only use it FOC.
Oooh thankyou so much guys. If you use it for free, do you still get to keep your normal email address? I believe my mother is still with Bt broadband... I wonder what she is paying for?!

Free means it's web based only, like hotmail etc. i think if you pay, you can sync to your local pc mail clients like outlook, so this enables your own copy of your own mail, I think. However others may know different!

Talk21 is where to log in.
Fab - I will tell my Mum this! Really useful, thankyou, she will be relieved!
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