Talking mobile phone for my grandma

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My grandma has asked if you can get a basic mobile phone that can speak as you press buttons and also read out text messages.

She is partially sighted and not very good with tech so needs to be basic but able to read out letters and numbers and you press them and also read out text messages if possible.

The ones I have seen read out the numbers only when you press them. None of them (basic phones) seem to read out letters as you text.

Anyone had any experience with talking phones?
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I’m no expert but on an android operating system can you not ask it to read out text messages.?Android article
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Or download an App
Android is too complex for her. Needs to be a billy basic phone
Interesting question. I've had a quick look and it's not going to be cheap - though it's certainly not as expensive as a flagship phone. Found one here... Talking phone

There are probably others and there is also a telephonist service available, though I've no idea how expensive that is Telephonist service

Most mobile phone support text dictation and there are apps for reading messages to you, can you not get a basic Doro (big buttons) and load the apps on? Alternatively simply set up Google assist. You can tell it to send a message, dictate to it and have it read your message back to you though I've not tried to have it open my received messages and read them back yet (going to have a play now).
Found this Talking keypad mobile phone though you may need to set up app to read received messages back.
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