...talking of driving... how many tests did it take u to pass? MEN vs WOMEN

    7th time lucky for me!!!!!!!!. FEMALE

    edit: are u male or female...?


    1st time, i think i had about 6 minors (male)

    1st time, five minors.

    my dad passed on his 8th he was the worst driver ever i would not even go in the car with him

    1st time for me


    1st time 2 minors

    My aunty passed first time and is an AWFUL driver, my dad took about 8 attempts and is a brilliant driver.

    Think it all depends on the day

    Passed first time! Shouldn't have done though - made loadsa obvious mistakes!!

    First time, 1 minor. I'm a guy.

    I have more flying lessons than driving lessons, seriously.

    Original Poster


    First time, 1 minor. I'm a guy.

    1 minor?!

    1st time after 10 lessons, 17 yrs ago. Male

    3rd time, I took 3 tests in 3 months aged 17 and passed 3rd time lucky. (male)

    Passed 3rd time when I was 17.

    2nt time - female
    shoud have passed 1st time should have failed 2nd

    Second time @ 17 years old....male....22 years ago

    with comment that 'worst drivers he sees are taxi drivers sons and garage mechanics sons' dad owned a garage and I had been driving since I was 14, and owned six cars before I passed my test!!

    Passed 3rd time when i was 17 - female!

    1st Time, but just scraped through from the sound of the examiner (but only a few minore), had 13 lessons and (about 10-20) parental/family tution after that.. (Male)

    Female - Passed 1st time at 17

    Male passed 1st time, on both occassions

    3rd time - Male
    During my first test, I tapped the kerb while reversing, while doing a turn in the road
    During my second test, I tapped the kerb while finishing my turn in the road

    female passed 1st time at 28

    Passed on my fourth attempt when i was 17 (male)
    Passed my bike test 1st time last year

    Passed 1st time with 4 minors - male

    3 of them were "invented" by the examiner :p, but I will admit to 1. Alot of it can come down to luck really.

    Passed first time at 17, female & doing my bike test soon, fingers crossed!

    Gd Luck


    1 minor?!

    Yup, I was very surprised! The minor was for pulling out too early to overtake a lorry on the dual carriageway. Annoyingly, I realised what I'd done as soon as I did it.

    2. I failed my first as I was leaving the test centre.


    Gd Luck


    1st time 3 weeks after my 17th birthday. Female. Mind you, only because I only had 3 and a half weeks until the written test came into force - I was determined!!!!!!
    A friend of mine took 9 testsuntil he eventually passed. During one of the tests the instructor asked him to go straight over the next roundabou - so he did, literally!!!

    8 lessons, passed 1st time - guy

    1st time at 21. Male. But it was an awfully long time ago! Seem to recall there was a man with a red flag walking along in front of the car.............

    Female -
    1st time for Driving test
    1st time for Bike Licence and
    1st time for Advanced driver!!!!!!

    Passed 1st time Theory(with Hazard) and Practical, Guy and with about 30 lessons (ready to sit after 3Month, but 6 week wait on a test) Never got out with the parents.

    8 Minors, but tbh most of them were total tosh. Remember 1 was for hesitation, and i can tell exactly when it was as the traffic was terrible with cars coming out of side streets and joining the flow. As even my instructor would tell ya, if anything i am too eager so god knows what the examiner was thinking.
    Out of the 5 or 6 folk that sat it at the same time as me, only i passed though, so must have been a bad day for them.

    Female -
    1st time for Driving test
    1st time for Bike Licence and
    1st time for Advanced driver

    Male -
    1st time for Driving Test at the age of 18

    Full marks for Theory test
    62/80 for Hazard test (Lost loads of marks for overclicking LOL)
    5 minors on the Thing

    Can't be arsed with Pass Plus as it doesn't look like it will help me (6 hours on the motorway? I done loads of that already) and it doesn't help with insurance much.

    And what is Advanced Driver? Sounds like fun (do you do doughnuts, drifts and drive a car like you on a getaway?)

    passed on 6th attempt last summer (female 22yrs)

    Passed 2nd time, female and was nearly 29. Was 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child and thought - 3 kids and no car - no way :w00t:, so I booked an intensive course and took my test 5 weeks later and failed. I could not stop blubbing to the lurvely young male examiner thinking that he might have a change of heart....and he erm, didn't :oops:. I managed to book a cancellation test for approx. 2 weeks later but by then was about 8 months pregnant - I could barely squeeze in between the seat and the steering wheel but managed to refrain from crying this time and passed :-D - that was almost 5 years ago. Everyone with young children will know that driving around with them in the back probably warrants another test in itself though.....

    Passed 1st time 15 years ago (Male) And still have a clean driving record!

    I'm currently doing my lessons, could someone tell me how many lessons it roughly takes to be able to get a test?? also any tips I should no ?

    Three weeks from never having driven, passed first time.
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