Talking of poems - give it an ending

Hello there

You have put the idea in to my head to write a poem now,
seen as my ebay one was trash, but I just can't finish it.
Could you give it a good witty ending for me please.

There was an old man from hull
who went out one night on the pull

That's it I'm afraid



He was'nt daft, he was'nt silly,
and he was blessed with a black mans willy

Original Poster

You said my ebay poem was junk,
so the jury is still out on this one. :-D

Well i liked it, i thought it was a work of art

he scored with a woman called annie who turned out to be a tranny:-D


He stood on the pier
and looked with a leer
Cos the view looked a little dull

"Hull" and "pull" don't rhyme!

Poems dont have to rhyme

Original Poster

What about this for an ending

He pulled an old granny
with a big sloppy ?
and emptied his ? which was full. :oops:

he met a cow who was a bull
when she was finished he was full (of bull)


Poems dont have to rhyme

Limericks do.


"Hull" and "pull" don't rhyme!

They do rhyme, or at least they do were I come from!!

"He got a bit drunk
As drunk as a skunk
And ended up dating a bull"
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