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Posted 2nd Oct 2022
I’ve seen the Talkmobile and Lebara plans , and I was thinking of getting them since they’re a bargain and also use the Vodafone network. Most MVNO’s don’t have access to the networks full coverage so does anyone know if Lebara and Talkmobile do, ie whether it has the same speeds and coverage as a regular Vodafone sim. Thank you(y)
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    i have been using a lebara sim inside a mifi for a few months now - so only using data. Works a treat - no stuttering.
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    I used a Lebara sim in a mifi for a few summer months, in north Wales, and it was just awful
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    I bought a few Lebara SIMs and couldn't get them configured with the files that got sent (the automatic config files) - I manually entered the settings for the Vodafone network and they have been working fine ever since.
    I'm not sure MVNOs have coverage restrictions - that wouldn't make sense. What would make more sense is the priority though - it is documented that MVNO data has a lower priority over the host network data, also you can be subject to data throttling more than the host network. The speed differences are documented and are usually around 20~25% slower than the host MNO...
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