Posted 23rd Oct 2022

Snapped up a talkmobile deal thinking Vodafone reception pretty good, but it turns out it's worse?

My calls most times people do not hear me properly, I got WiFi and volte enabled.

Anybody else experience this?
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    I had a few problems with Talkmobile when I first got the sim. They did help me sort it out though. I have noticed a slight decline in reliability from my last provider however not enough to warrant a cancellation. I'm overall pleased with the price/performance value from Talkmobile. £12 from £23 with more data too.
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    Reception is worse, data especially. I can get decent data speeds, but I have to restart my phone or switch aeroplane mode on and off to do it most of the time.
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    We found the same with Asda mobile, have just switched to Vodafone Basics instead and noticeably better.
    Thank you, seems like I'm going to revert back to Vodafone/Voxi
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    Yes, many years ago. You're not getting fully fledged Vodafone, Instead you're getting a 'Vodafone lite' signal. The pitfalls of going with a MVNO

    Priority given to Vodafone customers (like me)
    Thank you, wish I was prioritised lol
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    Did you do a test on Vodafone SIM using the same phone?
    Yeah had a voxi SIM prior which was basically a Vodafone SIM, calls are noticeably worst. But not the data though (edited)
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    Talkmobile was bought by Vodafone in 2011
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    Give lebara a try. It uses Vodafone too. You might find it better.
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    I switched (back) to Talkmobile after being with Lebara for five months because of the 100GB for £10 BF deal.

    Don't really use voice much but data is noticeably worse - think I will swap to Voxi or go to a full VF contract.
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