Posted 24th Apr
I’ve been trying to contact TalkTalk for weeks about the end of my contract and a whopping increase! Email...failed. Twitter...failed. Fast becoming Mission Impossible I took a look through both their app and web site and somehow found TalkTalk Community.
There on page 86 paragraph 6 Bullet point 9 was this number. 0345 1720046. Crucially only say “ Customer Loyalty Team” anything else and you will be obliterated. My bill was virtually halved. Good Luck.
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That's good to know. Talktalk were offering Amazon prime now subscription for one year for free with new contracts. Did you manage to get that offer Sue..
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No I wanted a like for like contract, my student daughter has Prime anyhow.
I had an email giving my the option to renew with one click, so that's what I did, and a couple of quid cheaper too!
I got the email on the 22nd, and my contract ends on 25th
Thanks for the number,might be my last hope of a better offer before contract runs out next week
After 15 years of loyalty I'd prefer not to have to haggle every renewal
Thanks I will try
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