Talktalk charging £10 for direct debit not going through..

Found 24th Mar 2015
I use a seperate account for my direct debits and i forgot to put money in it for my internet bill. Talktalk have charged me £10 extra for paying one day late. I'm going to complain, it seems unjustifiable to charge so much.
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Are you sure that isn't a returned direct debit fee from the bank?
It's almost certainly in their T&C's. You might get off if it's the first time though?
They set a date to which you agreed to.

Yes, it is a harsh penalty but they have to do it to keep their accounts in order and their costs of chasing late payments, down.

However, if it is a first offence you could phone them and sweet-talk them into letting you off the fine.

Good luck.

Don't think you will get far complaining (TalkTalk don't have the greatest customer service) either way it was your own error that caused the fee.…ges

Admin Fee - Payment Due Date Missed
This is an administration fee we have applied as the balance has not been paid by the due date.
Charge: £10
Be nice and you might get lucky. You could of course say your internet was not working so you were unable to transfer the money as you normally do

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Might as well say you was about to pay but cops burst in and put you in jail for few days and soon as you come out first priority was talktalk.
I got the same my very first month with them. They said my bank cancelled the DD they set up and when I called my bank they told me talk talk had never even set the DD up in the first place so they didn't cancel it. Called talk talk back and they denied they forgot and still charged me bloody £10!!
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