Talktalk HG633 Red Solid Light on Internet.. HELP

Posted 27th Jun 2018
Hi all.

I'm at a complete loss..

I use Faster Fibre.

I have a solid red light on the internet light on my HG633 "Super Router" TalkTalk. I have a solid green light for broadband.

Their live chat and call center is no help.

I've tried turning it off for half an hour and turning it back on to no avail. Hard reset doesn't work either.

What do I do? I've tried unplugged from master socket etc too.
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Predikuesi50 m ago might help if you can understand it (I don't).

Seems like there's a issue in Yorkshire with TalkTalk at the moment, I'm probably being affected by it but thank you for your reply
I'd recommend the Talktalk forum for any support issues as I've a friend who had no internet for two months after upgrading to fibre (he hadn't told me as he doesn't like to bother me with IT issues) and was getting nowhere despite near daily calls and chats to Talktalk and multiple engineer visits despite the fact the line was syncing fine. TT were useless on Facebook as well but it was fixed within 24 hours on their forum as I actually got an engineer who looked at the issue instead of just going through the same non-working process.
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