TalkTalk Mobile now O2 - cancel contract?

Found 17th Nov 2014
So I've heard that TalkTalk Mobile have confirmed they're switching from Vodafone to O2 as the provider of their mobile network - I specifically went with TTM as they ran on Vodafone which is the only operator which I can get reception with here.

When they switch I'll lose all reception at home - would this change of provider and thus zero service be grounds for me to end my contract with them (I've only been with them one month)?
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Ooh good news, o2 is excellent around mine
O2 has got worse every month since 1999
If you can show that you will not receive any signal after the switch, they will be in breach of contract. To form a contract there has to be agreement between the parties as to what is being offered and accepted. This is known by the Latin maxim: 'consensus ad idem' which means a 'meeting of the minds' or mutual consent. If you specifically contracted with them for the reasons you gave, (i.e. signal at home address) then your inability to receive a signal due to their variation of the terms means that there is now no mutual consent. This means that you can walk away as there will be what is known as a fundamental breach of the contract but make sure you let them know formally, i.e. call them and then follow it up in writing.

Here are a couple of links which explain it in more detail:

Meeting of minds

Fundamental breach of contract

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Thanks, that's what I thought. Only Vodafone provides signal here with two masts, Three, O2 etc are unusable. I'm not sure when the switch will be but I'll be forced to leave. Shame really as it was a nice service with decent minutes and data for me
Any links please?
iv had hell of experience with Vodafone

Any links please? iv had hell of experience with Vodafone

Links to what? It's in the news if tou can work google
Oh dear not good. Where my partners dad lives Vodafone offer up the best signal. I've recently advised someone to move to Talk Talk Mobile there as its cheaper than Vodafone but, same signal.
My O2 sim is ok at his house so hopefully the TTM sim will be ok as well at the other address.
Just read that 02 and Vodafone have a joint network sharing agreement. Well I'm on Talk Talk mobile and it's the worst network ever. Mobile internet is hardly ever accessible call coverage is diabolical. My 02 work mobile is fine. Does anyone know if it's correct that they share networks ?
What if your phone is locked to vodaphone?
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