talkxtra mobile - anyone used them before ?

    Runs on vodafone 2G/3G

    The £10 pay monthly deal seems great…ffs

    £10 gets £20 credit & 280 min/txts/MB's so you have a flexible £20 for use.


    UK mobile calls 7p per minute
    National local (01, 02, 03) numbers 7p per minute
    Calls to talkxtra Mobile numbers 7p per minute
    Standard UK text messages 7p per minute
    Text messages to talkxtra Mobile numbers 7p per text
    UK mobile Internet 7p per MB
    Voicemail (265) 7p per minute
    Check balance & Customer Care (263) Free
    Extra service charges
    Picture messages 30p per message (up to 300KB)
    International text messages 10p per message
    Calls to any Channel Islands and Isle of Man mobile and landline 35p per minute
    Non-geographic (0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 0844, 0845) 15p per minute
    Non-geographic (0800, 0808 and 0500) 15p per minute
    Personal numbers/calling cards 25p per minute
    Call forwarding services (e.g. 07744, 07755) 15p per minute
    Emergency services (999, 112) Free
    Premium rate services (starting 09) start from 45p to £2 per minute
    Directory enquiries (DQ) calls to numbers starting 118 start from 65p to £3 per minute

    So has anyone used or a current customer

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    Nobody ?

    Oh ok then X)
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