talltalk sim in smartultra 6

Found 28th Feb 2016
Having problems getting mobile data. New sim ported over and activated, getting calls and texts, phone shows talktalk on the top left of my screen.
When I'm in the house on WiFi, the signal triangle looks normal.
When I go out and about, no mobile data, with exclamation mark on the triangle.
I've had the settings sent to me by TT, and also entered them manually- this is pretty straight forward, so I think that is accurate.
Do I need to unlock, or have I missed something?
The unlocking route confuses me some as I am getting calls and texts?
(Changed up from a MotoG 2, well happy with phone otherwise, bought from Asda for £95 recently after deal was posted on here)

Thanks in advance
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What settings are you using? Where did you get them from? I've got a TT phone so can compare them if you like
You'd need the access settings for Talktalk, I'd guess the one in the phone now are trying to use whatever was in there last.
They should be on the TT site, or (when I used to work for one of the networks), we could send them out in a text that installed them in the phone. So give their CS a call and see if they can do the same.
meant to say, create a new access point name, call it talktalk2 or something, and remember to SAVE once finished creating it, think it's top right corner
Thanks for the replies, just checked my wife's android phone on TT, and the setting for MVNO at the bottom was set to 'spin' Just changed my U6 to that and it seems to have enabled data. No mention of this anywhere that I have come across, but if it continues to work, all good.

Thanks again
ARRRGHH_Spoke to soon!
The network letters appeared when I made that final change above, so I assumed I had mobile data.
When I left the house today, back to error symbol on the signal strength triangle.
(Strange how it registers when Wi-Fi connected??)

As before, checked my wife's MotoG settings for Talktalk against what is on the SU6, and nothing differs.
So do I unlock (invalidated warranty?) and see if that works, and why should that be, as previous posts on SU6 tend to say this phone works fine on Talktalk.

Thanks again...
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