Tamworth/Drayton Manor

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Found 18th Apr 2008
Hi, I've got a few nights booked in the Travelodge at Tamworth as we are going to Drayton Manor. I need to speak to them about getting a cot in the room but can only find an 0871 number for them which I can't phone for free off my mobile and I know I'm being tight but was wondering whether anyone might be from there or near there and be able to get me a land line number for them??

I've checked saynoto0870.com but they had nothing.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



a very good site when you dont want to call the non geographical numbers
seem to have a lot but i cant see tamworth

That's all they've got - they are isolated forn the real world to extract money from you.

Why don't u just email them asking them for a cot in the room, i did that once and there was one there for me when i got there, or, just wait til you get there and ask at reception, they have lots in the stockroom.
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