Tank system to Combi Boiler change Price?

Found 2nd Jan
I have a very old Boiler (Tank system), I called up someone regarding boiler grant and have been told I will need all pipes and everything changed. I have been offered a system change and new Combi boiler 38 Worcester for a contribution of £1,500. Is this a reasonable amount?
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That's a very good price for that boiler fitted - costs around £1400 for the boiler alone.

It is still possible to buy a standard "system" or "heat only" boiler - which may be cheaper overall - I don't know why the installer is recommending a combi - is it a condition of whatever grant they're offering?

But as said for that boiler it is a cracking price. It is also a highly recommended boiler.
Answer is YES, The boiler alone will cost you nearly that. For new rads,trv valves,piping etc thats a good price. should take 2 men just over 2 days to install with a bit of luck.
TBH, it's almost too good to be true. Very difficult to believe all the pipes are being replaced for that money. Ask if it is a new boiler, includes electrics and includes VAT (even if it doesn't, you are still getting a good deal)?

Worcester (who are the No1 boiler according to Which and me) tech support will tell you to size a boiler based on 1.5kw for a small rad rad and 3k for a big one. Then add 3kw for the HW. Add up the numbers and if below 38, you have the right sizer boiler.

Beware that a combi has its own limitations if you have multiple showers or draw baths. Flow of HW is limited.

Ask them to install a keyless filler (should be now cost as it avoids the double valve install) and get a filter such as a Fernox TF1 installed. Cost should be £100 plus fitting (call it £125). Google will explain both.
sounds a great price
Yes I had electric heaters in my bungalow cost us around 5k for boiler all pipe work rads etc
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