Tapsuk.com / Utsumi are a terrible company - buy with caution

Found 12th Apr 2013
Bought a granite sink and was delivered ok, plumber was preparing it and drilled the rest of the already half drilled tap hole, moved sink and it cracked clean in half.
Obvious weak point and manufacturing fault, I saw him doing it and not heavy handed at all.
The only way to deal with the company is a closed message system or premium rate phone number, either way they insist on using the message system so absolutely no reason to phone them anyway!
After a few messages back on forth with them trying to weed out how the plumber prepared hole and insinuating it was his fault, they are now saying they have passed all collected info to their supplier and awaiting their response.
No update in over a day now, they won't answer me.

With a closed website that has a forum which are really just messages people can read and not respond to, and their ebay page has similar bad feedback when the item is faulty, be cautious buying anything from them. Cheap and nasty!!
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Cheap and nasty!!
Is that why you bought from them ?

Cheap and nasty!!.Is that why you bought from them ?

Deal hunters like cheap, we just don't like the nasty that comes from some of these cowboys!
It's 1 day - They don't have to respond that quick
Utsumi terrible company.Bought taps they leaked been trying to get refund for a year.

Automatic replies.All they do is stall you from one e/mail to another never get anywhere.They just make it impossible to get an

I bought a hung toilet from Tapsuk / Utsumi.

It turned out the photo had been doctored to remove large holes on the side of the unit about 3" x 1".

I wanted a easy to clean, minimal unit and spent ages looking for one.

Tapsuk / Utsumi ripped me off by falsely advertising theirs. I complained and drew it to their attention ... and months later they are still falsely advertising it.

Gave up after having to deal with individuals who clearly not capable to comprehend English, or were plainly dishonest and trained to run you around.

Went to fit it today, and discover that the drain hole is oval, not round and the connector to the drain keeps slipping off it.

Cheap, box shifting, could not care less, rip off merchants.
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