Target price of a ipad 10.2 2019 32gb?

Posted 28th Oct
Parents need to upgrade their 16gb ipad 1, and i've always been android myself so know little about them.
They want new, so what price should i be looking for, and are these likely to be on offer come Black Friday, and if so where?

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look up Apple store and John Lewis for guide prices and quality of service, then go downwards from there for what you want to pay
Eglobal have them for £280 estimate 14 days for delivery.
Come with 1 year Apple warranty.
Just pay with PayPal or credit card for protection.
The only difference is the plug. I use a 6 port usb charger so not an issue for me.
Some love eglobal some hate them.
I ordered an iPad in March and price and delivery were great. Took 12 days to arrive.
Thanks, so probably £300 from a UK retailer is what i should be looking for.
Seeing as it's for my parents will have to stick to a UK retailer.
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