Tarot Cards

    Someone has requested Tarot Cards from me as a gift

    Preferably those pictured below, any ideas or advice or experience?

    Thank you


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    I'd do 17

    oooh don't mess with that shizzle ...weirdy stuff

    Why do people fear tarot, weeji (sp) so much but think horoscopes are fun????

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    Ordered from Amazon

    I see no harm if she is just going to play around with them herself... does the set come with a book to help her read the cards?

    Personally I don't trust the card readers, but I have mates that swear by theirs. My sister in law for example has been told over the last 15 years the order in which her kids are going to come... they have suggested over the years that she would have a boy first a year after the reading then a girl - blah blah -

    She's approaching 40 and never had a child and I think the tarot cards now must be a torment than anything.

    I think they should just be used for fun!

    Also, I am told, a good tarot reader will never give you bad news!

    As said above a good reader will never give you bad news.

    They try and read whats is going to happen or likely to occur.

    Don't panic if you get the death card for example as it just means the end of something ie. relationship, job etc

    Not likely to return if they give you bad news are you?

    A friend of mine, her granny went to a Tarot reader (or could have been fortune teller?) when she was young. She was told how many children she would have, in which order, how far apart, that she would travel to Africa, what her husband's career would be...all kinds of stuff. She was also told she would die at 73 years old. All of the things came true, and when she turned 73 she started to get a bit panicky! But luckily the reader was wrong on that one. I don't like the idea of someone telling me my future, I don't like the idea that my life is planned already, and I don't like the idea of knowing my destiny but each to their own.
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