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Tassimo descaling

Posted 8th Dec 2013
well recently when making coffee my tassimo has been smelling like burnt coffee/rubber and apparently it happens when it needs descaling.

Anyone else had this problem and what is the best way to descale it
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is there any alternative, something you can knock up at home?
I am rather cheap
On mine, the red light lights up whenever it needs descaling and I use any descaling product available (tablets, liquid).
If it smells like burnt coffee, why not try inserting the t service disc and running cleaning program a few times?
I buy regular kettle descaler liquid from the supermarket, only costs a couple of quid and add it to the water chamber, Then start the descaling process by holding down the brew button.
Takes about 45 minutes, then you need to run the cleaning cycle three times, and you are good to go.
I used the cleaning disc a few times and it didnt seem to make a difference, which led me to believe the only other thing it could be is it needs descaling.
I will try some lemon juice diluted in water and try that

thanks simon, if the lemon juice doesn't work I will try that

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For future use, buy a water filter jug and only use filters water.

That's what we do. We have a britax one and use for coffee machine and kettle.
you can run it with white vinegar or citric acid dissolved in water. a couple of times..then run it with plain water a few times and that should do the trick
citric acid is good for descaling you can buy it in the brewer's part in tesco but its cheaper on ebay and to buy it in bulk.
Thanks for the advice, flamedeer all round.... only white ones tho
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