tassimo or dolce gusto

    As title says. which is best out of the two going to treat myself before Xmas and give my family a nice change of hot drink when they visit


    docle gusto...
    cheap for the pods

    just avoid any tassimo milk pod drinks. Nespresso if any pod machines.

    We started with a Tassimo which only lasted about 10 months then got a Dolce.
    We prefer the Dolce for taste but we are also on our 2nd machine as the 1st Dolce also only lasted 11 months but our 2nd machine is now almost 2 years.
    Have a look at Amazon Germany for the machines. We got the Dolce Circolo Play and Select for about €90.

    lavazza is the number 1 believe me my wife has had all the coffee machines i can think of and the lavazza is the best by miles


    4quid for 16 coffee pods is a bit expensive.

    I have a Tassimo, but since they changed the milk recipe, the drinks leave a claggy, thick taste in the mouth

    I no longer use it, and have in fact just got the excellent Nespresso offer with free Aeroccino that was posted on here a few weeks ago.

    I can't speak for Dolce, but certainly would no longer recommend a Tassimo.

    The Nespresso is in a different league.

    Tassimo are expensive and any milk related drink I now just use milk from the fridge.


    4quid for 16 coffee pods is a bit expensive.

    Its dearer than regular coffee but not as expensive as a costa for a treat

    Just buy americano capsules and download and print an espresso bar code.
    Forget the milk, micro wave or get a steamer....
    or instead of all that if you like espresso then look at a cheaper espresso machine

    I like the dolce gusto.

    Love it for the espresso varieties.

    Pods are c.£11 for 48 drinks in amazon. (Using subscribe and save discount).

    Milk based drinks are more ezpensive.

    Love the DG

    Changed from a Dolce Gusto to a Nespresso machine and much much prefer the Nespresso along with the far less expensive costs of the pods. Lately got some nice Guatemala pods in Home Bargains for £1 but my regular pods of choice would be from Lidl £1.79. Heard Aldi's pods are great also but we don't have Aldi in N.Ireland. For the price difference in a Gusto to Nespresso machine you will save on Pods in no time. Don't forgot no compatible pods nor other brands for the Gustos. The new Starbucks Nespresso Pods that tesco have are lovely also.
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    Neither. Get an Aeropress and make some drinkable coffee and at a far lower cost.
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