Tassimo or Dolce Gusto? Which is the best?

Posted 27th Dec 2008
I'm thinking of buying a nice coffee and hot drinks maker for myself as I've given up Starbucks due to the stupidity of the prices...

The Tassimo has more variety with different companies. (and they do Twinnings, Milka, Suchards and of course, Starbucks)

The Dulce Gusto makes better coffee (it's just Nestl?

The pods for each are pretty much the same price.

What is the general opinion of the nice people at HUKD?

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I heard the dulce gusto wasn't very nice, maybe you might be better off with a filter one, or cafetierre x x x
Hi I have the Dulco Gusto and it makea a good variety of coffees using various size cups, differences I can think of are that their boxes of pods (with various blends in) are more expensive than for Tassimo and a little harder to find plus you can only buy one brand.If anyone knows different please let me know!
I've used both but much prefer the Dolce Gusto.
I have tried all the varieties and really like them all but reckon the hot choc and latte machiattos are fantastic.
i brought a tassimo today, went to asda, tesco and sainsburys and got every variety of disc i could buy

they are all tasty and really quick and easy

lovely drinks and really good choices, my little boy love the hot choc ! lol

i'll second the Tassimo - have had one of the Bosch versions for a few weeks and it is great for coffee and chocolate - my wife says the tea isn't great but we haven't tried all varieties yet:-D
Dolce, Dolce and Dolce.
is the tassimo and 'instant boil' like the gusto??

ie the gusto is similar to the tefal quick cup in that it heats the water as and when required, the reservoir is cold.
The Tassimo takes the amount of water needed and boils only that, so the reservoir stays cold, it usually takes about 5 seconds to heat the water.
I'm having same dilemma so following

I'm having same dilemma so following

Its an 8 year old thread
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