Tassimo or Nespresso?

Found 16th Dec 2008
Just wondering with all these deals on the Tassimo is it worth getting one or waiting for a Nespresso deal?

How is the coffee on both machines? Do they have any problems?

If anyone has either type some feedback would be greatly appriciated.

Many thanks
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i dont drink coffee but the tassimo hot chocolate is absolutly delicious!
Nespresso, no question about it.
A very good cup of coffee with a good crema and really very good.
Tassimo isn't up to the standard in my, and my family's opinion.
tbh both are a waste of money, i highly recommend ]this
get yersen a proper coffee machine dont buy into these things theyre ****.

choose some decent fresh beans

not little effergies pre made
the tassimo has a much better range of drinks have a look at there site :


but both are good, just depends what you are looking for

If you enjoy warm flavoured water with a wide range of flavourings get a Tassimo, if you like the real taste and texture of espresso get a Nespresso.

It's unbelievable but I get more consistently better espresso from the Nespresso than from my well tuned La Pavoni espresso + freshly roasted beans which I roast myself.

Yes you can't tune the blends and flavours on the Nespresso, but for that daily shot(s) it's unbeatable.

Not even the Italians are using traditional espresso machines now, with the Nespresso and Lavazza pod machines being the most popular
there nowadays.
I have had a tassimo and found it not to give out a decent hot drink - but i believe the newer machines have rectified this problem - it has a decent range of drinks but can be sweet tasting if you dont take sugar - i also have a dolce gusto - gives decent hot drinks nice flavours but again the ones with milk give it a sweet taste -and i have my nespresso machine which i absolutely love and have just received my order of new flavours - this is a better machine than the others and would recommend them to everybody - good flavours - different strengths - and the frothing machine that came with one of my machines (i got 2 cos i wanted one for work too) is absolutely wonderful - not cheap coffee but worth every single penny xxx
tasimo for me. more drinks.
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]My partner loves his Tassimo machine, I'm not a tea/coffee drinker but I am partial to the Suchard Hot Chocolate and the newer Milka Hot Chocolate.[/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Interesting to see peoples comments about the Nespresso as the Tassimo has started to leak :x (3 years old now), so we were wondering what the other branded machines were like.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Heston Blumenthal seems to always strive for the best when it comes to food and drink and stuff like that.
At his Michelin starred restaurant, The Fat Duck at Bray, the coffee comes out of a Nespresso machine.
One of my friends has a Tassimo and we've been looking to get one. Unfortunetely the vouchers from my wife's workplace came a little too late. Now everywhere has sold out. Most shops had the price down below £50 on the run up to Christmas, now they're all back up to £80-£100 !!!!

So we're now twiddling out thumbs, waiting for a good price again!!!


i dont drink coffee but the tassimo hot chocolate is absolutly delicious!

Its strange how opinions differ,i only drink hot chocolate, and sent my Tassimo back i thought the hot chocolate drinks were awful,very watery.
Just got mine for £69 pounds inc delivery at Pixmania. Hope this helps!
Got a Tassimo just before Xmas at Dixons on line for just £47 and I love it. Best thing I ever bought. Have even converted hubby, who is a tea drinker, to drinking proper coffee.
Buy one!
I like my tassimo very much I cannot find hot cho mix at Tarket
Tassimo wins all the time
Got a tassimo last week. So far it's great. Latte maciatto cappuccino and cafe creme all taste great
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