Found 24th Jul 2014
Anyone tell me where the best deal is for a tassimo machine,wife wants one that will do multi drinks not just coffee.Been looking for a while but can't locate the good deals,remember a while ago they were £30 but no where around now.Also which is the best machine to get

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We bought the t40 machine for about £45 half price at tesco. It's one up from the basic machine although not sure what the difference is. I know the top end of the range has a water filter but that's more expense with filters. We just descale ours every 3 months using the liquid I pick up from b & q. Just set up a alert on this site for a machine.

I also have the T40. I got mine from currys it was £49 that was about 6 months ago. look on Tesco because they have some good deals and you can sign up as a new customer so you can use the £10 off a £50 spend. or look in Argos. remember to register your machine so you will get a free £20 off code from tasimo. best machine I have used and brought.

If you want a coffee machine the nespressos taste amazing you can pick up the earlier model cheaper on Amazon as there's a new 2014 range out all good reviees

I paid £40 for mine and got a Costa Coffee mug + a pack of Cappuccino and Americano. Also the T40 model. The deal was sent via email from Costa Coffee because I have their loyalty card. Personally think it was a good deal and don't regret buying the machine, it maybe worth your while getting free membership just by nipping into your local Costa and waiting for the deal to come up
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