Tasty limes

    At first glance, these limes look like a normal shipment of the green fruit. But they don't contain the citrus juice you would squeeze into your margarita on a hot summer day.

    Instead the phony limes were packed full of marijuana. US Customs and Border Protection officers in Pharr, Texas, seized a total of 3,947 pounds of weed in the commercial shipment of key limes on January 30, officials said.

    The truck hauling the "produce" crossed the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge along the Texas-Mexico border near the Gulf of Mexico. Over 34,000 of the fake fruit packages were discovered by an imaging inspection system and narcotics K-9 team.

    "This is an outstanding interception of narcotics. Our CBP officers continue to excel in their knowledge of smuggling techniques, which allows them to intercept these kinds of attempts to introduce narcotics into our country," said Port Director Efrain Solis Jr. in a statement.

    The drugs are valued at approximately $789,467, according to the US Customs and Border Protection statement. The case is under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Border Patrol officers seized nearly half a million dollars' worth of marijuana concealed in carrot-shaped packaging.



    I would hate to be a witness to the US authorities burning that haul.

    I wouldnt be able to stop laughing.

    They look like peas. Who were they trying to convince?

    Why are they the wrong colour?

    They look absolutely nothing like limes, dog smells weed, handler then his boss take credit for incredible success of stopping 0.001% of drug shipments entering country.

    They look like a childs attempt to make Brussel sprouts from playdoh
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