Found 20th Feb 2007
Just been reading the tattoo thread in the misc section, and it's got me thinking.

I have always wanted one, but I have a needle phobia !! I took the plunge last year after a lot of searching on the net. I wanted a cross on my arm, but couldn't find the right one for months - and eventually found it & got it done.…jpg

Now I want one across my back - but I want it to be a word as I love the gothic font. I dont want the tribal pattern, too common IMO.

I want a word in a gothic font, but havent a clue on what it is to say. Any idea's guys on a really good word and/or font to use ?

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Have a friend who had chinese script before tribal stuff became popular she had special fried rice put on her belly so in case of being too p****d on a friday night to order her take away she can just show them her tat'
how about something like "Hunter" looks good in script or try it in vivian font on word

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Thaks for the response Tracey !

Checked out the Vivian font, and I want something a lot more gothic style that that (more on the lines of "Rosemary Italic - but even more gothis lol)

As for the word........needs to be a little less "camp" lol

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=4]被绘的皮肤[/SIZE][/FONT]

"Painted skin" in Chinese. Use Babel fish to translate into your desired language.…tml

quite a few different fonts there to take your pic from
no idea what you could actually write there though:?
nice one on your arm though:)

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Cheers Dan - I know, it's puzzling me to think of what to get on there.

Been looking at words, then getting others from a theasaurus as I want it to be unique !

Rep left mate

Can someone tell me how to post a small area of a photo on Imageshack. Can the size be reduced to only show a certain part? I have one of my tattoo but the photo I have also shows my rear which obviously I do not want to post!!

Opps wrong thread
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