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Found 26th Mar 2009
I've been trying to find a nice simple tattoo or a very bonnie one but every site i go to mostly requires paying for the catalogue.

Does anyone know where I can get a catalogue for free??

I just want something that I can look through and perhaps make some pictures a template, or get ideas about designing my own.

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Sketch something yourself, far more personal and will always mean something special to you ..thats what i did
lots of tattoos online ...if you find one you like a good tattooist will make up the transfer from the print out as long as its the right daughter did this
I take it you ain't looking for a catalogue for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo then?

A friend once phoned up the Edinburgh Tattoo office, and asked if he could have a rainbow trout on his right buttock!! :w00t:

i keep trying to design my own but they all look stupid or i start thinking i dont like my drawings

therefore if something is already drawn it saves me effort haha
Dont do it ... just look at the sixty + old women/men with tattoos ... doesnt look cool on them... I worked with a guy once who was refused promotion due to his hands having tattoos, he paid for them to be burnt off and got the job...
i cant get anything too visible due to my work as i work in a bank

but on the other side of it when im 60+ loads of folk my age get tattoos so when i reach 60 it wont look outta the norm for me to have a tattoo
When I used to work in a bookshop loads of people would come in and browse the tattoo books for ideas. Good place to start (esp. if you have a camera phone. . . . )
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