Tattoo Sleeve

Found 30th Oct 2008
Anyone seen any in high street shops such as Asda, Wilkinsons etc.... can't seem to find any in my local ones but they had them last year at this time
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Have you tried Tesco? There were plenty in my local store yesterday.
What is a tattoo sleeve?
I bought some off ebay quite cheap!!
Guessing you need them for tomorrow night though, so don't even though why I bothered posting. :oops:
Have you tried toy shops sure i saw some last year in some

What is a tattoo sleeve?

prints that like tattoo prints on semi-transparent sleeves.
sheer nylon stockings on your hands with detailed tattoo graphics printed on them.

basically a fake tattoo. i dont mind it but prefer the OH's real ones
Yes try Tesco! They are half price in the halloween section!
Was wondering, I have a traditional Japanese sleeve. Was a bit confused after 10 odd hours of pain you could jump into asda and pick one up along with bread and milk.
one man's sleeve another man's ... tesco's? not quite the same ring is it
thanks a lot guys, I'll didn't look in Tescos, will look tomorrow if they haven't all been sold out to needles wheezers like me :-D
Definately in Tesco's as I bought some for my son today. What's even better is they were half price!!
Matalan have them.
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