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Found 23rd Jun 2010
My employer or the tax office (or both!) are rubbish as for the last few pay periods, I've had numerous different tax codes!
Suddenly, my tax code is now 358T?! All I can find on the HMRC site is that this is the code used when there are "Other items to consider in your salary".
I thought it was because I've been incurring expenses that are paid back in my salary, but they're not taxable so surely it's nothing to do with HMRC?! However, I've noticed my "tax paid" section now has a minus next to it insinutating they're paying me back the tax I've overpaid the last few times.
Anyone know about this? I'm confused!
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give this a try it might help to check you have the right tax code…asp
phone your local tax office and ask what the reduction is for. Its not your employers fault - they are only doing what they are told by HMRC and wont know the breakdown of your code.
a T code usually comes in if you have rental or benefits paid by your employer like private medical or a car or you have a pension
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