tax credits

    not so much a deal as advice for people who have been overpaid tax credits ( there are thousands of us apparently). I was quite happy to have my overpayments repaid to the taxman from future tax year credits until I received an annual renewal where it stated I did not have to pay the overpayments back if it was an error by the tax office. I submitted a claim as it was their mistake, two other people from my workplace that I know of had the same error, namely salary = £0, which generated the initial overpayments.
    Tax office admitted liability and wrote off the overpayments, however I had received no tax credits for 4 years. I have since contested this and claimed tax credits for this 4 year period and they have just paid out to me!
    What a result, if anyone would like advice if in same situation feel free to pm me.


    I had the same problem a couple of years ago and im still paying for it, how did you not have to pay back? and how can i not pay for it? any advice:?

    i failed with my claim to them not to have to pay them back when it was obviously their fault, putting my earnings down as zero when in fact i had just had a baby & i rang and wrote to tell them that..

    im so ****** off with them. In 2005 they gave me a lump sum of 800 quid, said they had overpaid me, so they wouldnt giv me anything till it was paid back. so, i get a letter from they in october to say i owe the the money basck, pay now or go to court. i havent received a penny since 2005 and i didnt work at all in 2006. i should have got the minimum 40 qiud per week at least, i know ive apid it back. dont know what to do next
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