Tax Credits - Can't get through help to helpline! What happens now?

Found 1st Aug 2008
Yes, I know....Shouldn't have left it till the last minute. I've been really busy and it sort of slipped my mind. Then thought I'd phone yesterday. Tried all day, must have phoned them at least 50 times. I can't get through ('sorry, we're currently experiencing high call volumes'). Still no luck this morning. Seeing the deadline was 31st of July, what happens now? Anyone had experience of this from previous years?
I know it says they'll stop payment. Is this just temporary, as in things will eventually be sorted out but just delayed? Do I have to pay last years money back?? EEEK!!
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I done mine about 2 weeks ago and it was murder trying to get through then.

Not 100% sure but I think theres a £100 fine for not updating it before the deadline,payments will stop but will restart once you have got through and sorted it out

if you have the paper forms why not send them quickly today and hopefully they wont notice you missed the deadline?
We missed deadline last yr, all that happened was they stopped paying us until i rang and sorted it out, then all payments started again.
Thanks for the replies!
Phew! Just got through! Lady told me I was still OK, think they've unofficially extended the deadline because of people not getting through.
Lesson learnt! Next time I won't leave it till the last minute!
Same happened to me, got thru first thing this morning. I think they will allow some leeway because of the mad rush.
Sounds like everyone left it till the last minute!!
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